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RealityCharting® Resources

This page is for graduates of World Interplay, LLC's ( certification course in RealityCharting® RCA (formerly called Apollo RCA).  If you have not taken this training, these resources may be of interest/benefit.


Video - Introduction to RealityCharting® (12 minute)  (This is a great video for use in kicking off a RCA event)

Video - 5 Minute Introduction to RealityCharting® (Use this if you only have 5 minutes.  The 12 minute version is recommended)

Video - Fire Examples in RealityCharting®  (3 minutes.  Helps you spot action vs. condition causes)

Video - Practice Video 1 (aka Lady Falling off Ladder).  Use this to pratice your RealityCharting Skills or to kick off a RCA event.

(additional material coming soon)