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Root Cause Analysis for Kids

Root Cause Analysis is a great way to learn about Science. 

A scientist often needs to discover what caused something to happen.  Well trained scientists use the scientific method.  This is when they make a good guess (they call it a hypothesis) for why something happens.  Then, they do experiments to see if their hypothesis is correct.

Sometimes, the initial hypothesis can be complicated, with many possible causes.  A great tool that can help you understand causes is called Root Cause Analysis, or RCA.  There are many forms of RCA and we will learn about some of them here.

    Here's a fun exercise that will give you practice asking why and discovering answers.  Click here

    To see how a brignt 6 year old (1st grader) completed the exercise, Click here

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Educators - consider the application of this powerful methodology to Science, Engineering, Technology and Math (STEM) programs at your instituation.  The concepts are universal and easily scalable to virtually any education level.